Real Estate Acquisition formalities

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"Assist you in completing the acquisition formalities".

  • Preparation of the Power of Attorney to obtain Spanish Foreigner’s Identification Number (NIE).
  • Request for a Spanish Foreigner’s Identification Number.
  • Preparation of Power of Attorney to open a Spanish bank account and purchase a Spanish property.
  • Opening of a Spanish Bank Account.
  • Request for a Registration Status Document to be able to check the property’s status.
  • Check of the current state of the property with the owner (current certificate of occupancy, up-to-date property taxes, up-to-date community fees, and obtaining the efficient energy certificate).
  • Review of the Deposit contract.
  • Preparation of documents in the Notary’s office for his signature. Before proceeding with the signature, you will receive a copy to approve.
  • Preparation of D1A (spanish form for investment from abroad).
  • Coordination between the seller and buyer for the sale payment.
  • Collection of the copies of the deed in the Notary and payment of the notarial fees.
  • Capital Transfers and Documented Legal Acts Tax.
  • Filing of property at the Property Registry.
  • Modification of the Land Records Office (change of ownership on the property taxes).